Saturday, October 9, 2010

10/9 Argerich, Dutoit, Kremer, Ozawa...Beethoven.

Martha Argerich is one of my favorite pianists, male or female, living or dead. I've featured her before on this blog I think... So I was extremely excited to find this French documentary about Martha and one-time husband Charles Dutoit with optional ENGLISH subtitles! Use the UP triangle to turn off Annotations (the corner-turned page) and leave Captions alone (which should automatically be on English). In this program they show footage from a 1972 documentary with Martha and Charles, and then from a reunion in 2004.  Hard to believe these two were married for 5 years, they are both such alpha personalities...Martha at times looks totally pissed at Chuck!  Enjoy...
Documentaire: "Martha Argerich et Charles Dutoit: La Musique Partagée" 1972, 2004 (44 min)

Since this is a Beethoven blog, here's the lady of the day performing Beethoven's
Violin Sonata No.9, Opus 47 ("Kreutzer"), with Gidon Kremer.  
(I added a bonus interview at the end.)


...and if you want more, here's Martha with Seiji Ozawa performing
Piano Concerto 1, Opus 15.  
(Maybe save this for after dinner.)

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