Friday, October 15, 2010

10/15 Beethoven was a Sagittarius

I had a relatively brief obsession with astrology many years ago.  I actually got to the point where I was able to do daily charts (horoscopes) for myself.  I kind of got bored tho because it made life too predictable.  However, whether any of it is "real" or not, it is interesting to overlay a zodiac interpretation over a historical figure and try to draw parallells and conclusions (though I wouldn't base your next thesis paper on today's topic).

This website below presents an impressive chart reading and mini-biography of Beethoven's life.  It's worth checking out even if you think astrology is a bunch of "malarkey".  Actually I always thought B's actual birth-date was in question...? Ah heck...those are just annoying "details" ;) .

Skyscript: Beethoven, the Immortal Genius - by Deborah Houlding

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