Sunday, September 5, 2010

9/5 Beethoven Sonatas (Univ Mich. Lecture)

Here's an informative lecture from 2007 on Beethoven's piano sonatas, specifically Op. 2, 13, 53 and 110.  Featuring University of Michigan faculty Steven Whiting, Kevin Korsyn and Alan Gosman.  1 hr 20 min.

These guys are no Leonard Bernstein (who is?) but there's some fascinating info on the unpredictability/inevitability of B's harmonic motion, as well as some interesting points about notation and large scale motivic foreshadowing.  A bit technical for some, but worth it.  The first speaker is not too technical actually....

Simply Sonata: Reflections on Beethoven's Transformation of a Musical Genre:

Late addition:  Glenn Gould on how Beethoven invented Schoenberg (Piano Sonata Opus 109):

(not sure why the video uploader kept a self-portrait of herself at the end...)

Tomorrow (Monday) is my 50th post and I'll do something special...?

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