Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/25 Probably not the version of P.C. 3...

"The kids just aren't buying these days..."
Probably not the version of Piano Cto 3 to get your girlfriend/wife/mother..

New art department...?
More odd LP covers at the below links:

The Golden Age of Classical LP Covers — Westminster Gold, installment I: The Just Plain Inscrutable

Westminster Gold LP Covers, installment II: The Suggestive

The Semiotics of Classical LP Cover Art (ca. 1970), or, When Things Started to Get Fun


  1. Is this where the phrase "bust of Beethoven" comes from?

  2. :)
    Hi Stephen - tried out your MAMPlayer - very cool and fun! Will be writing a post or 2 (or 5) about MIDI in the near future and will definitely talk about your program(s).